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"We represent mana­gers that we believe to offer out­stan­ding invest­ment oppor­tunities and that share our core values of relia­bility, dili­gence and trans­parency."

Stephanie Hoefling | Managing Director


TAO’s Alternative Opportunities Strategy aims to extract and monetize alternative investment opportunities in Equity, Rates and Foreign Exchange markets.

In order to achieve continued capital appreciation, while reducing drawdowns, the discretionary multi-asset strategy focuses on implementing uncorrelated OTC transactions which exploit structural dislocations, resulting in a highly diversified and well-balanced portfolio. Strategy investments target risk premia of second and third derivation such as volatility and correlation. 

The drawdown optimisation is achieved through combining the opportunity investments in the portfolio with long volatility positions in all asset classes. The long volatility positions are an essential strategy component and are continuously employed in the portfolio. 

The strategy shows a low correlation to traditional asset classes and has a live track record over more than 11 years and assets under management over 500mio EUR. It is investable in two formats, an AIF and a UCITS fund. 


Quantum Investing is a UK-based investment boutique focusing on continuous research to find new sources of returns and to monitor its trading algorithms along various dimensions including economic drivers, crowdedness, hidden risks, and long term valuations.

The Quantum Multi Strategy aims to generate sustainable performance while maintaining a low average correlation to equities and bonds by systematically exploiting a number of investor biases and market structural inefficiencies.

The Strategy is designed along multiple layers of diversification through a combination of 20+ trading algorithms over five different asset classes (equities, bonds, interest rates, currencies, and commodities) and three regions (US, Europe and Asia).

Historically the strategy has exhibited a low correlation to similar multi-strategy portfolios


With the launch of its Systematic Commodity Strategy in a UCITS vehicle First Private wants to close a gap in the market for actively managed commodity funds.

While the strategy has already been implemented within First Private's multi-strategy portfolios over the last three years with a total strategy volume exceeding 150mio EUR, the stand-alone offer in a UCITS fund with daily liquidity will provide investors with a means to complement and diversify existing equity and bond portfolios and allowing for an improved risk-return profile. 

The fund invests in a total of 14 commodities from the energy, base metals and precious metals sector. Agricultural commodities and food are excluded from the investment universe. 

The strategy relies on ten sub-strategies based on seasonal patterns, shape of commodities futures curves or price momentum. The implementation in a long/short approach introduces more diversification potential and investment opportunities compared to a traditional long only commodity investment.

The portfolio is completely realigned on a monthly basis in order to be able to react flexibly to current market developments. 


8F Asset Management Pte Ltd is a Singapore-regulated impact investment manager specialising in socially and environmentally responsible land-based salmon farming. The company has offices worldwide including Frankfurt, London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.

8F manages the 8F Aquaculture Funds, a range of private equity vehicles that invest globally in the construction and operation of large-scale land-based salmon farms using proven Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology. This technology allows the fish to be grown sustainably, close to the end-consumer, without using sea-water or damaging the oceans, resulting in a clean and healthy product free of chemicals and micro-plastics.

8F has specially created Pure Salmon (www.pure-salmon.com) as the operating company and brand for the salmon farms.

QUANTESSENCE - The Euroclear Infrastructure for Savings Products

Quantessence aims to bring the Euroclear Infrastructure closer to the market for Savings Products. 

The Quantessence platform takes care of operations, set-up and data management for financial institutions. By builing a pipeline between the distributor of a savings product and its hedge or asset providers the platform generates hedge information and executes asset orders for individualised investment products. As a result, distributors such as insurers and private banks can easily build their distinct range of individualised and protected savings products

Quantessence is part of Euroclear, one of the world’s preeminent financial infrastructure providers. 


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